The Duesbury Modern Miniature House

The World of Miniatures is an interest that grows expedientially. It is good finding like minded people on the weird wild web. I am currently designing a Modern Miniature House called "The Duesbury" using a combination of Vectorworks, computer drafting, MDF material(now perhaps plywood) and CNC Routing. This house seems to take the same time as a full sized house like ones built on 'Grand Design'. I will display the progress of the new house soon.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Garage Diorama

One may remember that the Garage, shown here nearly finished, started many moons ago and far, far down below on this blog. The garage has sat waiting through many house and content moves. It still needs some bric 'a' brak under the bench and a dusting of dust to finish the diorama. I will photo the Garage properly when finished. By the way the trees are made from grape stalks and chilli flakes (autumn)  


  1. It's looking terrific - and also very mysterious. What happened? Who died? Who's investigating?!

    Great idea for trees, too!

  2. Thanks Rebecca, That's right maybe it's in the cold case investigation box. I was looking for tree roots as they make good mini trees but couldn't find any but looked at the grape, Hmm!
    Just hope it lasts a while, I varnished the " tree" to seal it