The Duesbury Modern Miniature House

The World of Miniatures is an interest that grows expedientially. It is good finding like minded people on the weird wild web. I am currently designing a Modern Miniature House called "The Duesbury" using a combination of Vectorworks, computer drafting, MDF material(now perhaps plywood) and CNC Routing. This house seems to take the same time as a full sized house like ones built on 'Grand Design'. I will display the progress of the new house soon.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Things certainly change; I have moved twice in the recent history, am now single and all the stuff for making are in boxes. Still life goes on and today I started arranging the workshop and have got some champagne cork wire so am thinking and have been encouraged to make a French Deli Diorama.
 So C'est la vie.....
Jacques Tati is one of my favourites.

Check out this little object I found at a second hand shop, apparently it is a souvenir of  Uri Gagarin and has been valued at $250 by the Globe Shop in USA. Certainly a miniature item.
As "they" say watch this space.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Two Floors in a Drawer

The other drawer(see further down this blog)
Everything except the drawer,steel balls, the die and the record player is bespoke, made in my workshop and kitchen table,
Modelled in 1980 style, you may recognise the Dublin Sofa as designed by Marco Zanini in the Memphis Style.
The Diorama is in 1/24scale.
And that wall and door is really 'painted' in hundreds and thousands(as they call it in Australia)
I am offering this and some other sculpture in CutArt, Cuttagee Artists Group, Sth NSW, Australia