The Duesbury Modern Miniature House

The World of Miniatures is an interest that grows expedientially. It is good finding like minded people on the weird wild web. I am currently designing a Modern Miniature House called "The Duesbury" using a combination of Vectorworks, computer drafting, MDF material(now perhaps plywood) and CNC Routing. This house seems to take the same time as a full sized house like ones built on 'Grand Design'. I will display the progress of the new house soon.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Still designing

As I work as well as make, the "Duesbury" is becoming very involved for such a 'simple' design.
I am trying to design it to be flat packed so it can be sent anywhere. But as I am a neurotic, perfectionist miniature house designer/ maker. So ever time I get on the computer to tweek the plan I see something needs attention. If bought flat pack, the floors need to slide in in place and the walls placed where needed for support as in a real house. Getting the dimensions is important. Those of you who use drafting software know that near enough is not good enough. Lines that meet in normal view are nowhere near when zoomed.
Anyway the upshot is that the Duesbury is still coming and at the same time I am working on a house with a working name of Spooky House, So more of that soon.
Regards to you all from Mahesha D Philpot

Monday, March 15, 2010

Flooding, resting and curling

Thank you to you creative people for the following of this blog site.

Our little site has slowed due to the flooding in southern NSW Australia and now we are still waiting for the carpet people to upheave the house again and of course, as some of you will recognise, a lot of our miniature supplies is in some box or somewhere else.
Maybe this is just take in breath, a rest, and when the dust has settled, clarity will emerge.
I enjoy in the meantime looking at the sites in 'following' and in my links.
Anyway here is a picture of "Forever Emily and Lisbel" sitting in my Curly Chair