The Duesbury Modern Miniature House

The World of Miniatures is an interest that grows expedientially. It is good finding like minded people on the weird wild web. I am currently designing a Modern Miniature House called "The Duesbury" using a combination of Vectorworks, computer drafting, MDF material(now perhaps plywood) and CNC Routing. This house seems to take the same time as a full sized house like ones built on 'Grand Design'. I will display the progress of the new house soon.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Up and Down

Here is the bare bones of a Diorama I am making, 2nd. in the 1950's Drawer.
Everything except the drawer is fabricated by me, lights, beds, walls Memphis style sofa and furniture. This Diorama has a working title of Up and Down.
It represents the life of two different social strata in the same apartment block
The standard lamp didn't show well in this photo it is muti coloured
The car on the left is part of a little collection growing. I intend to get some Schuco cars for display as a miniature in a miniature (Thanks Call of the Small)
I just scanned some of the followers blogs, boy talk about creativity, each time I look the output has tripled.
We are still overcoming flooding and the repairs to our home. Our output is crawling along.